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The REPT Difference

REPT Fitness is a fully private studio where you can feel comfortable. It’s a place where beginners (and those who have felt insecure or worried about larger commercial gyms) can exercise without the fear of being judged by trainers or other gym members.

Working out at REPT Fitness is a breeze. Reece is always on hand to guide you through your workout, coaching you through each exercise and ensuring your technique is correct and safe.

Reece cares about your goals as much as you do, so he will be cheering you on the entire way! He’s always happy to give tips and answer questions anytime you need. Reece wants you to fall in love with your fitness journey, rather than it be a boring chore that you feel you should do, so he will always help in any way he can.

Facilities For All Fitness Levels

No one should feel worried about going to a gym because of their ability. That’s why I created REPT Fitness, so you can feel comfortable and welcome in an environment that will help you reach your goals.

Weight Loss

Weight loss comes with consistency, the more you move the better. At REPT Fitness, you’ll feel welcome in the studio, it’s a place where you can safely get your sweat on without worrying about judgement or criticism from others. With Reece on hand to demonstrate and coach you on proper technique and form so you can lift weights freely without fear of injury.


If cardio is your thing, Reece is able to create progressive running and cycling plans to help you on the lead up to an event or just to get fitter in general. In the studio there is space for circuit training and HIIT which Reece will guide you through offering encouragement and motivation to push you to your limits.

Circut training

Reece has specialist qualifications in circuit training, so if you enjoy the buzz of pushing yourself to the max with little rest in between then Reece is the guy to train with. He can create circuits to suit any goals, strength based, endurance based, weight loss based, whichever your preference. 

Muscle gain

If you’re looking to gain muscle then REPT Fitness has everything you need. As well as an expert coach to teach you how to lift weights correctly and safely, not only to reduce the risk of injury but to maximise results. Reece’s main area of expertise is weight lifting, so he has a wealth of knowledge enabling you to get the results you want.

Personal Training

Personal training is just that, it’s personal, so every client receives a custom workout plan, specific nutrition guidance as well as exclusive access to an app where you’ll be able to log your food, complete your workouts and daily habits as well as track your results and communicate with Reece between your 1-1 sessions



Reece has a ton of previous experience with strength training. With the facilities at REPT and Reece’s knowledge you can really test your strength and work towards becoming a fitter, stronger you!

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