Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about our facilities, trainers or anything else? Have a read through below:

What equipment do you have?

It may be small, but the REPT Fitness private studio has everything you need for a fantastic workout.

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, a seated leg machine as well as functional equipment like battle ropes, medicine balls and steps.

A variety of equipment which will be sure to put you through your paces

Can you create a workout schedule for me?

Reece is on hand to create workout plans for you, help with nutrition and really get you working towards your goals. You’ll also get exclusive use of an app to track all your workouts, communicate with Reece directly and record your results as you smash them!

We also have a “Challenge of the month” if you’re feeling a little competitive against the other members.

Is there anyone to help me if I don’t know what to do?

Absolutely, Reece is with you for every session in the studio, steering you in the right direction, ensuring your technique is correct and constantly giving you advice on how to reach your goals. 

You’re never left alone in the REPT fitness studio and Reece is always available directly via the app if you have any questions about your workouts or equipment in between your PT sessions

What are the membership options?

We like to keep things simple at REPT Fitness, it’s £125 a month for a weekly PT session in the studio with Reece, tailored nutrition targets which will adapt and change as you get closer to your goals.

Within this monthly price you’ll also have exclusive access to an app where you can log your food, track your workouts in real time, and upload your results over time

There are discounts available if you’d like to train more than once per week and you can Contact Reece to speak about those options.

Do you sell protein shakes?

Whilst we don’t stock protein shakes, Reece is able to advise on nutrition and suppliments 

What are your opening hours?

The studio is open:

Mon – 5am-8pm

Tues – 5am-8pm

Wed – 5am-8pm

Thurs – 5am-8pm

Fri – 5am-5pm

Sat – 5am-12pm

However, Reece is available outside of these times for any questions or queries you might have. 


Have any other questions that we haven’t answered here? Please email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP with answers.

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